International Women’s Day – Lets Get More Women Biking

Happy International Women's Day to all the beautiful ladies out there! To celebrate, Biker and Bike have written an interesting article about getting more women biking, featuring various articles including my 'becoming a biker series written last year. Enjoy! 🏍💪🏍

Winter Riding – A Guide to Essential Gear and Accessories

You can read about my everyday basic motorbike essentials here I am an all weather rider girl and coming up to my 7th UK winter on the bike. I have ridden through the coldest, windiest and wettest riding conditions that the lovely UK has to offer. From the depths of snow in Hertfordshire to the gale force... Continue Reading →

Motorcycle Maids Fashion Show 2017 – A Roar in the Right Direction Towards Fashionable Women’s Motorcycle Gear

  With a continuous increase of female riders and a higher demand for correctly fitted motorbike gear, for all our wonderful curves and sizes, Sara Bernice a member of The Litas Plymouth organised a Motorcycle Maids Fashion Show on 21st October. Karen and Robin from Chequered Flag agreed to host the event. All proceeds raised would be split between... Continue Reading →

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