The Rising Fear of October 

As the nights close in and the days get shorter I can't avoid the anxious fear rising in my belly. It's October once again and as far back as I can remember I have suffered with the dreaded blues that always arise this time of year. But it's more than just blues and this year... Continue Reading →

Through Stormy Skies

Just less than one month since I wrote written in the stars with hope to start a new life in Padstow with my husband Rob. Just one month for us to realise that out of the 'frying pan and into the fire' was actually into a raging inferno. Just one month to finally stand up and say... Continue Reading →

Lonely T.W.A.T

I have loved motorbikes since I can remember.  Although it was only at the age of 24 that I got my 1st bike, a brand new Honda CBR 125cc 2010.   I was instantly hooked and went everywhere on her and through all weather's rain, snow,ous sunshine and wind (my worst kind of riding weather). Being 5.2... Continue Reading →

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