Best of The West Breakie Club

I have to confess I love food as much as my motorbike! And for those who know me well, know that I can suffer extreme bouts of hangriness when not fed. So to combine my two favourite things in the world I have made it my mission before I go travelling to find ‘The Best of the West’ breakie local to where I live.

So every month up until I go in November we will be visiting a different café/diner to meet up for breakie where we will hopefully have a good heartie breakie and review facilities on offer for bikers.  If you live in Devon or Cornwall in the UK feel free to come and join us. Check out my events here

I won’t reveal the results of our visits until we have been to all the cafes but for now you can view the videos I have made of each. If you would like to follow me on YouTube, you can subscribe to my channel via the video links below:

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