Since I can remember, I have always had a passion for motorbikes.  Add this to an appetite for exploring and a love for photography and here you have Motorcycle Travels.

Although I can’t claim to live a life of a full time traveller with a six figure bank account. I have always worked extremely hard just to get to a stage in my life where I feel at peace with myself and happy with where I am now.  For some that may come naturally but as the same with many it has been an uphill struggle since I left home at the age of 16. But I learnt how hardship, hard-work and believing in yourself can steer you in the right direction to achieving your goals but it does take effort. Resting on your laurels waiting for things to change won’t work. Its about making decisions and changes at the right time when opportunities arise and that sometimes means taking a risk that you may make the wrong decision.

Since meeting my now husband (Rob), six years ago, we have made some awesome and damn right nuts decisions. Which has led us to not only live in a spectacular beautiful place in England but also sharing a common interest in wanting more out of our lives than the regular everyday.

It started when we 1st met which in itself was pretty unusual.  I was an Avon representative at the time and met him on his mums canal boat whilst selling her Avon. Shortly after meeting we started going out and then the madness begun…………

Just a few months into our relationship I gave up a lovely flat that I was renting in Stanstead Abbotts, Hertfordshire, to buy a 32″ cruise boat with Rob for us to live in. Sounds romantic eh? But this was a unfinished, unfurnished, shell of a boat on stilts in a boat yard and I hardly knew this man. True to say, my family though I had gone completely mad! This was only a year after I had bought my 1st motorbike on a CBT license. But this was the best test we could have done with our new relationship and whilst living there, Rob who was a carpenter at the time installed hot water, a log burner and made us a home of sorts. Our relationship flourished and I knew from here on I could follow this man anywhere.

A year later we went on a short break to Looe it must have been about November time. This led to us wanting to move to Cornwall, 180 miles ways. By the following March we had sold the boat, packed all our stuff into a small van, I had given up my job as  a cafe manager and we where on our way to the South West. Unfortunately as Rob was still earning good money in London I was on my own pretty much for the 1st six months of living here. Although before I left Hertfordshire I had manged to gain my full motorbike license even though I was still riding my little 125cc. Until I bought my 1st big bike in St Austell.  Thankfully from a man who was equally as short so it had been extremely lowered and was perfect for me.

This is when I really started to get into the bike scene as Rob was always away. I setup my travels page and started to post the journeys I took. Of course a selfie stick was the only way I could get pictures of myself on the bike. But it wouldn’t be until a few years later I really started to enjoy it properly and thus earning the title of Lonely TWAT.

Then out of the blue Rob proposed on a quite part of Looe beach. I was in complete shock and of course said yes. But I admit I was slightly scared as I wasn’t ready to settle down. Thankfully neither was he, it was just a way of reaffirming our relationship.

Since we moved to Cornwall the next couple of years have been a whirlwind. I studied a three year Foundation Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management which I finished this year and graduate in September. We got married last year, January 2016 and have been to New Zealand twice. Once for a six week trip and the other for 5 weeks for our honeymoon. We have also managed a pub together for over a year.

So here we are now: We have left the pub we were managing and moved to Padstow in Cornwall. Rob is working as a chef in the kitchen and I as a duty manager. We are now living in a shared house in one room and have finally realised that actually all we really both want to do is travel for a while. So time once again, to sell everything, earn as much money as we can go beyonder.

But therein lays a problem. I have always had big dreams to travel the world on my motorbike and although Rob isn’t not into bikes, its just not for him. Despite me trying, I just don’t think it will be. I even booked him a CBT for his Birthday which he wasn’t entirely happy with. So we have made a deal. Seeing as we both have dreams to travel then lets try and combine our dreams. We both travel together but he will be in a campervan and I will ride my motorbike. Not sure how that will turn out yet but why not, I will have my very own support van.

But food for thought; make mistakes, take chances, do whats right for you and don’t have any regrets. Go out and grab life!




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