The Beginning of the End but Maybe the Start of Something Beautiful! 

Another roller-coaster year just gone by. From managing a pub which ultimately risked our every being, both mentally and physically (although strangely enough never our relationship!) to completing a uni degree with distinction and then walking away from everything leaving us effectively jobless and homeless, (Through Stormy Skies).

Robert Powell

It’s hard to put 2017 into words. But the price paid from walking away from everything, felt like the beginning of the end of our Cornish dream. But maybe it’s the start of something beautiful? We had such high hopes of making it here, (Written in the Stars) and it was only from the greed and arrogance of others that we decided it wasn’t the life for us.

Ian Stephens Photography

But moving out of Cornwall and to Plymouth did have its advantages; I have made some awesome biker friends, in particular with The Litas Plymouth, completed my foundation degree with distinction and learnt to finally work to live, not live to work!!!

@lonelyTWAT with The Litas Plymouth

But this has also meant Rob has had to now go back working away again. I have also effectively lost a lot of my confidence in employees in general.

Especially as I have always held a strong work ethic and these last few month’s the majority of employees I have worked for have compleyely destroyed my self confidence. Although on a positive note I have started 2018 with two ‘normal’ jobs which I have found hard to come by since October last year.


But now it’s all about looking forward…… We are fully committed to looking into either emigrating or travelling to New Zealand by November 2018 (this was one of the things we agreed to look into when we got married if Cornwall didn’t work out) We have booked tickets for Down Under Live exhibition in London in February to explore our options.

The bike also went through drastic changes last year. After getting fairly battered in the 2013 storms, I finally managed to give her a face-lift and she has now gone from Red to Purple (watch out for my restoration blog). But in the true upheaval of last year all did not go to plan, but I will tell you more about this at another time……..


The least I could do for the old girl after we have carried each other through 23,000+ since buying her in 2013, is make her look fab for her next owner. Although the thought of selling her, breaks my heart. We have been through so much.

So who knows what will happen this year! Whether we will travel or emmigrate to New Zealand? Whether the grass will be greener on the other side? If this is really the start of something beautiful? But one thing is for sure, you’ll never break the resillience of our relationship or faith in each other! We have been through too much and learnt too much to let others break us now…….