Becoming a Biker – My Biker and Bike Article Series

Its been a while since you heard from me so thought I would share something I done a few months ago.

Since starting my blog I have found a huge passion for writing and love to share my experience of riding with others. This got me thinking and I decided to get in touch with a few bike companies to see if they would be interested in me writing an article for them. Funny enough I had one who came back to me and was very interested in hearing my story on how I got into motorcycling. Ian Malone the editor of Biker and Bike was that guy.
It was no surprise that he was interested in my female perspective which truth be told I really don’t mind, even if the real world can still not quite grasp that woman ride motorbikes. I love the fact that a vast amount of woman now have an urge to ride a motorbike and any help and advice I can offer to get them there is great!


LonelyTWAT in Autumn, Photo by Litas Plymouth founder Josie Sloan

So I agreed to write Ian a series of blogs about how I personally got into riding and in particular my journey from becoming a standard motorcyclist to a biker. For me there is a huge difference between being a motorcyclist who just gets from A to B to becoming a biker and this is what I wanted to highlight in these articles:

  1. My Journey on Becoming a Biker
  2. Passing the Test and Upgrading to a Bigger Bike
  3. Finding Bikers to Ride With 
  4. Becoming Part of the Biker Family
  5. I am a Biker

Hope you enjoy the read!

For anyone out there who is thinking about getting into bikes just go out and do it. You never know it could be the start of a beautiful friendship.