Through Stormy Skies

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Just less than one month since I wrote written in the stars with hope to start a new life in Padstow with my husband Rob.

Just one month for us to realise that out of the ‘frying pan and into the fire’ was actually into a raging inferno.

Just one month to finally stand up and say we deserve better!

Now I won’t go on into too much detail but to put it simply there is only so much of yourself you can give into make a living. There has to be a balance and surely we all deserve to ‘work to live’ not the other way around. But it’s when you start giving more of yourself that people get greedy and take advantage. Maybe it’s just in our nature to give 110% in what we do, well it is in Rob and I’s. If a jobs worth doing and all. But oh how that extra 10% gets mistaken for weakness every time. Disappointing but true.

When did employers start to care more about money than people? I am sure it hasn’t always been this way? So with heavy heart’s and broken confidence in employers in general we just walked away, no job and no fixed abode. Although through stormy skies surely we will find our rainbow and pot of gold?

Cheddar Sky

@lonelyTWAT (Cheddar Gorge, England)

Although it doesn’t feel like it now as we are both mentally and physically exhausted but maybe this is the ‘silver lining’?

We have no jobs to tie us down and currently living temporarily rent free in a room in exchange for doing work for family. We have saved enough money to have a month off with a holiday already booked and paid for and enough time to breathe and think about our next step. The only things we do have planned are my graduation next week and a short holiday afterwards to celebrate.

Although it feels scary and way sooner than I had planned, actually my thoughts on becoming a digital nomad seem to be edging closer to becoming a reality.

Also in this month I have increased my UK Top Cashback account to £11.50 with a brilliant 16% cashback on airport parking for our holiday. And I have been in contact with the editor of ABR (Adventure Biker Rider) for me to write a guest blog on their site. Not a bad start for a novice!

So what next? Well now the opportunity has arisen this seems to be the perfect time not to make any rash decisions. I now have the free time to enjoy my motorbike and start networking at social meets.


@lonelyTWAT (Plymouth Megaride, 2015)

I know we will need to earn income soon and are slowly doing so buy selling our belongings which in hindsight are materialistic objects which can be bought again. But I think this time around I am going to go at it a bit more freelance. Maybe go back into the events sector and work in varied places across the UK. Thus giving me the time to enjoy the things I love i.e. travel and motorbikes. Although the same can’t be said for Rob as he will now need to be the main breadwinner and will need to go back to working as an exhibition carpenter in London. This is a huge deal for us with months ahead of being apart and him working an extremely physical and mental job. So much for the Cornish dream, eh?

But all is not lost, we still have our goal of travelling next year and through these stormy skies we will find our pot of gold. But that isn’t to say that our pot of gold has to have a monitory value. After all no amount of gold has more value than your freedom and your will to live your life the way you want to.


@lonelyTWAT (Cheddar Gorge, England)