The girl with the non motorcyclist husband

I am sure there are many bikers out there who have a partner who does not ride motorcycles or are just anti-motorbike. Luckily my husband, Rob, isn’t the latter he just doesn’t ride. Although that isn’t to say I haven’t tried to get him on a bike, even booking him in for CBT on his 36th birthday with Surepass.



Hasten to add he wasn’t overly impressed as he was expecting to be going on a deep sea fishing trip when I told him to wrap up warm and wear boots.

But just because he doesn’t want to ride that doesn’t mean I can’t. The fact that he has supported me and not tried to change who I am and what I love to do, I suppose is all part and parcel of being married. You simple accept that person for who they are without wanting to change them. Riding motorbikes is just part of me even before I had met him.

M Chrapowicka

Its quite funny looking back to when we 1st met. I said about how much I would love to travel the world on my bike. It wasn’t until sometime later did he realise I meant motorbike.

But we did at least share a passion to want to travel and in 2015 after being together (unmarried) for three years, we took our 1st big trip to New Zealand.

@lonelyTWAT (Mount Maunganui, New Zealand, North Island)

We are lucky in the sense that Robs dad lives in the North Island of New Zealand and have a damn good excuse to visit the country regularly. Not that you really need one, with its vast beautiful landscapes and endless waterfalls.

Our second trip to New Zealand was for our honeymoon straight after we got married in January 2016.

@lonelyTWAT (Milford Sound, New Zealand, South Island)

But there is still a part of me that would love to share my passion for motorbikes with him. Although I suppose if it’s not for him its not for him and at least we are both still doing what we love. But it is difficult to balance married life whilst driving your own passions forward. I suppose it just comes down to mutual respect.

So on our next big trip to New Zealand, I’ll most definitely be on a motorbike with husband is in tow in a camper.

But I am curious to know if there are others who are in similar situations? And whether or not their partners accept their passion or are anti-motorbikes? I would love to hear your views.