Written in the stars

As I sit here gazing into the beautiful Cornish sky with its hundreds and thousands of twinkling stars, I get to wondering about what lays ahead. Is our future written in the stars?

Truth be told, I have never felt so lost or unsure with what I want to do. But there is something about getting back to basics and sleeping in the outdoors, camping, that gets the brain rewired.

It was only this week that I left my job of two years and my home to start a fresh in North Cornwall. It was a great farewell although I did look rather strange driving over an hour with balloons attached to the back of the bike (hasten to add, the balloons didn’t make the full journey).

Although coming out of one pub management role into the another a feeling of ‘out of the frying pan and into the fire’ comes to mind. But in the same sense, I am a true believer in ‘everything happens for a reason’ and when opportunities arise they are to be grabbed with both hands. After all if we don’t keep moving forward, we would never truly experience what life has to offer.

This isn’t to say I am destined to stay at this job but it’s all part of my journey. My husband and I both have dreams to travel and being in a job with more money and moving from a cottage into a room (thus downsizing significantly) brings us one step closer to that dream. Our family have always refered to us as ‘Nomads’ as we have never been able to settle in the 6 years we have been together, moving somewhere different every year. I feel more and more we were not destined to live in the norms of society. Although with the husband not anywhere near to wanting to ride a motorcycle, our travels may end up looking like this:


But at least we will both living out our dreams. After all its written in the stars……..

Blogging from inside my very small tent

K White